Fiscal 2010 Status of Demonstration Test

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Annual brief overview

Fiscal 2010 Status of Demonstration Test

In FY 2010, we conducted coal-type change tests aimed at expanding the range of usable coal types, and we also carried out tests aimed at improving equipment operability and at countering the problem of heat-transfer pipe clogging in the heat exchanger (SGC) known to occur downstream of the gasifier.

[Coal-Type Change Test (RUN-12)]

  • <Test Objectives>
  • ・Test the use of sub-bituminous coal types; these types have different characteristics from those the system was designed to use.
  • ・Check for the occurrence of blockage in the SGC heat-transfer piping.
  • <Test Results>
  • ・Confirmed that the plant can run at 60% load (150MW) using Indonesian B sub-bituminous coal.
  • ・Succeeded in stopping SGC heat-transfer pipe clogging by running the high-pressure soot-removal device at faster intervals; but use of this faster rate, in turn, raises issues about the device’s durability.

[Operational Improvement Test (RUN-13)]

  • <Test Objectives>
  • ・Test operation at minimum load and under changing load, with the aim of improving operability.
  • ・Check blockages in SGC heat-transfer piping.
  • <Test Results>
  • ・Minimum load test confirmed that plant delivers stable operation at 90 MW (36%) load, as compared to the previous minimum of 125 MW (50%).
  • ・Confirmed operation under load changing at a rate of 3.0%/min (7.5 MW/min).
  • ・Checked for clogging of SGC heat-transfer piping when using sub-bituminous (Indonesian A) coal, but no clogging occurred (and there was no need to speed up the interval for the high-pressure soot remover).