Papers Presented and Published

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Papers Presented and Published

Papers Presented

Progress in Japanese Air-blown IGCC Demonstration Project Update (PDF 2MB)
T.Asano, Coal Gasification Sympsium, April 26, 2012

Brief Introduction on Nakoso IGCC Demonstration plant Technology and its test results(PDF 878KB)
T.watanabe et al., India Energy Congress 2012,India New Delhi, January 23, 2012

Progress in Japanese 250MW Air-blown IGCC Demonstration Project(PDF 1.3MB)
Y.Ishibashi et al., Clean efficient coal fire power technical 2011 annual convention ,China Xian,October 13, 2011

Clean Coal Demonstration Plant Of 250MW Air-Blown IGCC in Japan(PDF 1.5MB)
T.watanabe et al., GAP&Coal Chemicals Conference,China Beijing, June 8, 2011

Results and estimations of the 5,000 Hour Durability Test at the Nakoso Air Blown IGCC plant (including other activities)(PDF 908KB)
T.watanabe et al., Gasification Technologies Conference 2010, Washington, D.C,November 3, 2010

Japanese Air Blown IGCC Project Progress(PDF 822KB)
T.watanabe et al., IGCC Outlook china 2010 ,Shanghai, April 15,2010

Clean coal technology required for the future and development of IGCC technology.(PDF 1.16MB)
T.watanabe et al., International Electric Research Exchange ,Romania, November 10,2009

Second Year Operation Results of CCP’s Nakoso 250MW Air-blown IGCC Demonstration Plant(PDF 387KB)
Y.Ishibashi et al., Gasification Technologes Council 2009,Cororado,Oct.2009

Project Status of 250MW Air-blown IGCC Demonstration Plant(PDF 209KB)
S.Kaneko et al., Gasification Technology 2001, San Francisco, Oct. 2001